Finding a dstv installer in Johannesburg or sandton, do you require a satellite dish relocation service, Dstv installation or a triple view installation, our experienced dstv installation crew have a lot of services to offer, Installations in sandton are same day and come with a warranty of three months plus product coverage.
We service the area of sandton and out laying areas. We keep up with world class standard dstv installation.
We are a professional dstv installation company and some of the services we provide include:

Dstv installation services, Explora installation set up, Extra view set up, Extra points set up.

Services example :

Dstv installations

We cater for all dstv installation services, from communal to residential dstv installations in Johannesburg
Explora installation, Multi unit dwelling systems, triple view installations

Online dstv support

We offer online dstv support on clearing errors, E48-32 , signal problems, and helping on installation

Dstv sales

Dstv sales services. looking for dstv equipment and items, multiswitches or HDMI devices, our online shop caters
for all these sales. free to air decoders and system installations

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